DIAMONDBOX SILVERLINE SL 60 (60*60*160cm) Grow tent

DiamondBox Silverline Growbox SL60

The DiamondBox Silver Line convinces with its price-performance ratio and offers the cost-conscious indoor gardener numerous possibilities for successful plant cultivation.

DiamondBox Silverline Growbox

- Outer material: robust light and airtight textile material

- Inner material: highly reflective silver Mylar film,
waterproof shelf

- Sturdy steel frame and plastic corner connections

- Openings for supply and exhaust air, cable opening, viewing window
with mesh insect screen

Technical specifications:
- 60x60x160cm
- Round culverts: 3
- Round diffusers at the top: 200mm
- Round openings on the right: 160mm
- Round openings in the back: 80mm
- Doors: 1
- Mesh insect screen: 40 x 20 mm
- Stabilization rail: 2
- fastening straps: 2

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